Archived Video Media

We record all of our events and upload many of them to our Vimeo account where they are available for either viewing online or downloading for later.

Word Of Truth Ministers

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Given O. Blakely

Brother Given has been preaching the gospel of Christ for over seventy-five years and he is still preaching it today

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Robert Cobb

Brother Robert is a preacher and he also works on the websites and live video feeds - We are thankful for his work in this ministry.

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Justin Cobb

Brother Justin is a preacher of the gospel and the editor of the “From the Battlefield” magazine - We are thankful for his faithfulness.

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David Vanderhoofven

Brother David is a preacher and lover of the Word of God, he can be found searching the scriptures
We are thankful for his godly expressions in the truth.

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Martin Ellison

Brother Marty is a kindom thinker and he is faithful to speak up and share what he can see of the gospel. We are thankful for his desire to bless the saints of God.

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Benjamin Blakely

Brother Benjamin is a helper to many and he is full of compassion and love for the people of God - We are thankful for his gosly example and desire to bless.

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